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Have you ever been in a shop browsing through new products, not knowing what to choose? Or have you ever wondered how that organic oil really grows? In some cases, you might want to get some advice on how too cook it or just make sure it's safe before you put it on the table. 

Our team have been working on ideas on food tractability for a while, but it's not until  recently the new tech made it possible. This involved  a thoughout work with blockchain - the technology behind Bitcoin but that also proved to be very useful in tech. In August 2017, we traveled to Shanghai to showcase some of our products. We were happy to win two awards, but mostly we were please to see that the project can be implemented worldwide.

During the summer 2018, we were very proud to be a part of a "Taste of Stockholm" with Sweden FoodTech village and started working with UK restaurants and organic shops. 

It's full of flavour and you can even smell the olive trees. I never tried anything like that

Tove Svensson, Customer, Nyköping, Sweden

This is exactly what Sicily needs. It makes it really easy for people to understand our product and our labour

Tomasso Stellino, Wine Maker, Trapani

We ran a kickstarter campaign in April 2018. Big thanks to all our early supporters and contributors! 

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