Gift Box

Zoegi is a proud supporter of small organic farms.
It's the best way to grow healthy food and respect the planet. 
This is why we made this gift. 
Zoegi Gift box 
Pistacchio cream
Pistachio is the most typical Sicilian nut.
Historically, Sicily grew pistachios for the whole of Italy.
Until this day, it's the D.O.P product of the island. 
Pistachio cream can be used with sweets or even pizza.
In short: it is good with anything. 
Zoegi Gift Box
Orange Marmalade 
Sicily is the perfect home for oranges.
This fruit arrived here with the arab invasion 850 AD.
Hot climate, mild winters and wind made it flourish.
Now they have made its way around the world.  
The best way to preserve the surplus is to make marmalade.
Then... eat it! 
Grown and produced at Alicos - Trapani
It's famous for proclaiming itself as "the first  capital of Italy".
This only lasted for one day, but the passion for food remained.
The main rule here to work with products that are is season...
...and preserve them while they're fresh.  
Zoegi Gift Box
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is the heart and soul of Mediterranean cooking.
There's a difference between oil and oil.
First pressed, cold extracted olive oil is made of the finest olives
No heat is applied, so it tastes magical and is full with healthy vitamins. The best way is to get it directly from a small farm. 
To keep as much of a taste as possible, sprinkle it on top of salads, fish or meat.
 And of course....
Biscuits from authentic Sicilian Bakery 
Sicilian biscuits
Don Gino pastry shop was founded in Bagheria in 1949.
It is one of the main cultural bars in the in the Palermo region.
Many creative people meet there for coffee and cake. 
it's supplied pastries to Venice film festival.
It hosted premiers for films such as Baaria by Giuseppe Tornatore.